"I finally found a Counselor who is caring, responsible and very professional. Daniela has helped me in many ways; it made me realize there were issues and relationships I needed to heal. It made the process of adapting to life in another country easier. My confidence, self-esteem and emotional healing have boosted after being in sessions with Daniela.

Daniela is someone who is always there for you, someone who understands without judging and offers her best advice. She has been my "adoptive mom" for many years. I highly recommend Daniela Steiner for she is one of those angels we find on Earth. She has been a blessing to all my family. We will miss her!" Elena de Garcia – Age 46 – Venezuela

"Daniela helped me get through my depression. She is a Life Coach & Spiritual Counselor who gives you confidence, so you express all your feelings and thoughts easily. Her loving attitude makes it easy for you to open up and talk about your concerns. I highly recommend Daniela because she is not only a professional in her field but a friend for life! I'll miss you Dani" Andrea – Age 20 - Venezuela

"She helped me increase my confidence, know my past and confront my problems" Catalina G. – Age 21

"After our individual and couple sessions we feel very well thanks to God and You, Daniela. My husband and I are totally different persons from before. Now we are loving, empathetic and lived more beautiful new things! One million times, thank you Daniela!"

"Thank you Daniela for all your help. Your work is amazing!" Alexis W.

"Through the whole process that took one year and 3 months, I have learned many important things that have made my life less complicated. I have learned to appreciate each second of the day. I have learned to believe in myself, understand that the power is within me, and that I have valuable qualities that will help me achieve my goals and dreams. I have learned to manage my anger and take it to a dimension where my thoughts are clearer and I can make better decisions. I have learned to utilize the anger energy to a more manageable energy that is less harmful. I learned to see my projections on others and bring them back to me, so I can revise and embrace them.

Also, I learned not to interfere in other people lives, and not to make comments or give opinions that are inappropriate or that are not asked for. I learned to only listen when it is appropriate or necessary. I learned to set boundaries that are respected and valued by others. I learned to discern when somebody wants to go beyond my boundaries, and find the best answers to those that want to abuse me. I learned that I can't change anyone, so to judge and give opinions to the lives of others is not healthy. I learned that I can't change someone that I love, but I can make choices and change the situation that has to do with me. I learned to visualize the relationships that I have, learning to recognize the authenticity of them.

Additionally, I learned that to cry is not as bad as it seems when those tears help you erase and transcend the past issues that produce so much harm and confusion in my present. I learned how to listen to the voice of my body, to understand the signs that my body sends me and to know how to process them. I learned how to be more direct to others with the presence of respect when something is bothering me. I learned how to have patience, and understand that everything has its time. Now I can manage and process my ideas better that allow me to find better solutions. I learned to value myself, and understand that I have needs that only I can fulfill. Nourishing and fulfilling these empty inner spaces, and finding my inner strength and courage help me to understand that no one else can fill those empty spaces but me.

I also learned that to heal inside makes me a better person on the outside. I learned the magic that involves the things of the soul and the spirit, which awakened a wonderful world in me. I learned how to listen to my inner children, how to take care of them, and acknowledged what they need. I learned that many people go through our lives but only those who stay through sincerity and unselfishness, last through time. I learned how to trust my feelings and intuitions. I learned that I'm innocent from all the pain that happened in my childhood. Also, that I need to change and transform those experiences so I can have the energy/power that I need so much to make crucial decisions in my life. I learned how to see my surroundings in a different way and with details that I did not see before. I learned and will keep practicing all the techniques and tools necessary so I can focus on my goals and be happy.

It's been a wonderful year, full of growth, strength, interior power, that I would not change for anything in the world. I found a place in my life where everyday I am more enthusiastic than the day before. I'm a totally different person. Everyday is healthier. I am thankful to God that He is always with me and I am thankful for the sessions with Daniela Steiner. This is only the beginning…thank you!!" Angela Testino - Age 35 – Civil Engineer – Miami, Florida

"Daniela helped me to be conscious of my behaviors, and the reasons for many of my reactions. She helped me let my fears out and helped me feel more secure of myself" Carolina B. – Age 22

"Daniela assisted me to know myself, and to understand what has been disturbing me. She helped me find an emotional, spiritual and physical inner balance" Age 44

"I hereby certify that with the help of Daniela Steiner, today I can say that life is interesting and that it is a worthy experience to go through: I can also certify that today I feel and decide by myself, and that at last I do, practice and study what makes me happy. P.S. I know the real meaning of Mom, and I am still searching to obtain that knowledge through the tools that I have learned from the sessions given by Daniela Steiner. I learned the concept of Friend and to walk straight in this up side down world" Graciela Rodriguez de Socorro – Age 48

"I found the meaning of my life. This helped me to know myself, to assume the responsibility of my crisis, sicknesses, pains, the disease of my own fractions and repressed selves, to listen and feel my body, to be conscious of all of them. I have assumed the changes that have made me feel more confident, happy, and well balanced. I have become what I am and want to "be". I learned that where my demons are accommodated, in the same place are also my angels in order to redeem, save and make me progress. The relationship with Daniela was of much empathy, respect, professionalism and human quality. I learned to feel (me), support (me) and connect (me)" Zulima V - Age 51 - Superior Education Professor

"I did with Daniela individual and couple sessions, obtaining a notable evolution in my connection, understanding with my internal self, making me feel more confident, happy and empathetic" G.A. – Age 40 – Businessman

"I have seen benefits in many personal aspects of my life: in managing my conduct with my family and friends, in learning more about myself, in the growth of my daughters, managing the relationship with my spouse, managing my fears, insecurities, complexes, and more" E.D. – Age 40 - Department of Public Relationship

"I had a weekly session with excellent results in my personal growth, conflict solutions and spiritual development. It has been a deep integral internal revision." Diana L.

"Daniela guided me in the personal, familiar and social area of my life. It was a very personal process that led me to feel more free, loving and self-conscious. The path that today I walk is guided by certainty. To err is being part of the process to grow, not something to be punished. It is a peaceful balance between me and my family. I have learned to be me, to love and be loved. I have learned to be in contact with the world without feeling aggression or feeling judged by the people around me. Today I am happy and accept how I feel. Now I can transmit these new ways to others like a chain…" Graciela – Age 41

"Thank you Daniela, for helping me expand my spiritual awareness and for integrating the mission of my soul in my day-to-day living." Age 44

"I call my session of the Intuitive Energy Reading - Book of Life - that Daniela performed for me "The Gift". It came into my life at just the right moment to confirm many of the things that my inner self needed to recognize in this time of my life. I use the word recognize because through the whole session my soul was confirming all the information I was receiving.

"The Gift" turned out to be an instrument of great value. Every answer was a "guide received", was a lamp of clear light that allowed me to understand where I came from. Why am I here? Why do these things and interests attract my attention? When I try to put these interests aside, they talk to me louder. It's been such a comfort to know that I'm on the right path, and that what I came to do in this world is just what I'm starting to do now. To know that the joy that I feel every time I'm in my new job has a reason. I feel that I can continue to trust my inner voice. The reading has allowed me to corroborate that nothing is by chance or coincidence. The people that accompanied me in this path have a reason "to be". There is nothing in excess and nothing that is lacking in my life, and it is like that! This experience has given me the pieces of advice that I needed to redirect certain aspects of my life and retake the path" Milfred Gomez - 35 years - Reconnective Healing Practitioner.

"This Intuitive Energy Reading - Book of Life - is one of the more liberating experiences I have ever had and ever lived till now. It was like making contact with a very deep part of me. I could not only make contact, here and now, with myself but with my destiny, and also have access to my past and my future. Taking consciousness of the invaluable gift of the DIVINE LOVE: "my free will"

This experience produced different feelings in me:

  • Tranquility: to corroborate that many of my feelings and thoughts that I had accompany me through life are real.
  • Joy: to know that the LOVE of GOD is unconditional; and HE loves me always and that I am His beloved child.
  • Peace: to confirm that CHANGE is possible while I'm alive and that is the key to access a universe full of possibilities.
  • Hope: to understand that things happen for a reason and that all our experiences bring lessons for us.
  • Encouragement: to accept that I still have goals to achieve and talents to activate.
  • Commitment: when I access all the information I received, I took consciousness of the responsibility that I have for myself and for others; accepting, with courage, the challenge that I have in front of me, from now on.
  • Astonishment: to experiment that after death we still are connected and have access to that plane.
  • Confidence: to know that only LOVE matters.

I would like to add that I think it is an exceptional tool because it opens a channel of direct communication with GOD or DIVINITY; allowing that my consciousness shifts or expands before such an extraordinary connection. This allows me, particularly, to be willing to take an active and conscious part of the experience of my life; to be willing to take part of that universe of possibilities; yearning to enjoy, in a conscious way, to BE FREE and be co creator with GOD. With this I have discovered not only the LOVE of GOD for me, but my LOVE for HIM and to BE one with HIM." Nairoby P - Architect

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