Book of Life Readings

Why am I here?

Do you feel lost or stuck in your life?

Are you in the right path?

How can I live my soul's path?

The intuitive readings of the Book of Life has the fundamental purpose of personal empowerment and consciousness development. This experience will allow you to feel a deep connection with your soul. I will serve as a conduit or messenger of the information stored in your unconscious mind and in your Book of Life, also known as the Akashic Records.

The Book of Life is a compilation of everything a soul has ever thought, said and experienced since the moment of creation. It is the blue print of the soul's individuality and it's journey. The Book of Life contain the talents, inclinations, desires, potentials and the soul's future possibilities.

My belief is that we all play an important role on this planet. We all have missions, gifts and potential that we are not aware of because they are stored in our unconscious minds. It is important for us to know our individual role in this evolution, so we can get into our soul path which will allow us to function at our highest level of awareness.

The true depth and grandeur of an individual human being is never totally manifested until the main elements of the personality are moved from the level of potential in the unconscious and actualized at the level of conscious functioning - Robert A. Johnson

Through the intuitive energy reading you can obtain information of the state of your soul, mission and lessons in this lifetime, unfinished business, and patterns that block your ability to achieve your true desires. The session will identify the potential that lies within you, so you can live the life of your deepest dreams and become the person you are meant to be. Additionally, the reading will give you self-transformation tools, specific actions, and guides that will improve the quality of your life.

The purpose of life is a life of purpose
George Bernard Shaw

I am committed to supporting each person to achieve a more conscious relationship with his/her soul. You are going to be able to understand more fully the person you are meant to be. Furthermore, you will be able to identify, through the reading, which persons in your life you have committed to before entering into the physical realm of this world.

Additionally, you will learn how to fulfill the contracts you engaged in. Thereby, you will be able to achieve valuable and meaningful relationships with the persons you have committed to on a soul level.

The Book of Life readings may occur in person, phone or by video conference.


"I call my session of the Book of Life - that Daniela performed for me: "The Gift". It came into my life at just the right moment to confirm many of the things that my inner self needed to recognize in this time of my life. I use the word recognize because through the whole session my soul was confirming all the information I was receiving.

"The Gift" turned out to be an instrument of great value. Every answer was a "guide received", was a lamp of clear light that allowed me to understand where I came from. Why am I here? Why specific things and interests attract my attention? When I try to put these interests aside, they talk to me louder! It's been such a comfort to know that I'm on the right path, and that what I came to do in this world is just what I'm starting to do now. To know that the joy that I feel in my new job has a reason. I feel that I can continue to trust my inner voice. The reading has allowed me to corroborate that nothing is by chance or coincidence. The people that accompanied me in this path have a reason "to be". There is nothing in excess and nothing that is lacking in my life, and it is like that! This experience has given me the pieces of advice that I needed to redirect certain aspects of my life and retake the path" Milfred Gomez - 35 years - Reconnective Healing Practitioner.

"This Book of Life reading - is one of the more liberating experiences I have ever had and ever lived till now. It was like making contact with a very deep part of me. I could not only make contact, here and now, with myself but with my destiny, and also have access to my past and my future. Taking consciousness of the invaluable gift of the DIVINE LOVE: "my free will"

This experience produced different feelings in me:

  • Tranquility: to corroborate that many of my feelings and thoughts that I had accompany me through life are real.
  • Joy: to know that the LOVE of GOD is unconditional; and HE loves me always and that I am His beloved child.
  • Peace: to confirm that CHANGE is possible while I'm alive and that is the key to access a universe full of possibilities.
  • Hope: to understand that things happen for a reason and that all our experiences bring lessons for us.
  • Encouragement: to accept that I still have goals to achieve and talents to activate.
  • Commitment: when I access all the information I received, I took consciousness of the responsibility that I have for myself and for others; accepting, with courage, the challenge that I have in front of me, from now on.
  • Astonishment: to experiment that after death we still are connected and have access to that plane.
  • Confidence: to know that only LOVE matters.

I would like to add that I think it is an exceptional tool because it opens a channel of direct communication with GOD or the DIVINITY; allowing that my consciousness shifts or expands before such an extraordinary connection. This allows me, particularly, to be willing to take an active and conscious part of the experience of my life; to be willing to take part of that universe of possibilities; yearning to enjoy, in a conscious way, to BE FREE and be co creator with GOD. With this I have discovered not only the LOVE of GOD for me, but my LOVE for HIM and to BE one with HIM". Nairoby P - Architect.

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